Our Support  Services

Laptop Suppliers and HP Support Services

We provide support services for Information Technology. The services are unique, and provided to your organization in a cost effective approach,which offers you a hassle free environment, where you can use the Infrastructure to improve the productivity of the organization and there by growth. Services category are as mentioned below.

  • Installation of new systems and services
  • Local/remote system support
  • Application enhancements
  • Capacity monitoring/planning
  • Contingency planning
  • Information security management

Our Focus

We focus continuously and keep making all the efforts to ensure the following.

  • Delivery – ALWAYS ON TIME
  • Service delivery – RIGHT THE FIRST TIME, EVERYTIME – No rework
  • Marketing – Priority to profitable Business,with all customers being equal in service
  • Product mix – Wide and diverse products
  • Supplies – We attempt to be the NUMBER ONE SUPPLIES RESELLER IN UAE
  • Position – We rank among the first ten service providers in PC and networking in the UAE

IBS prides itself and enjoys a unique position, due to the above factors and our customer relationship.

We work with our clients to design and implement cost effective alternatives to their existing as well as new applications desired by clients.

IBS is a trusted Laptop Suppliers, Toner Suppliers and Large format products suppliers in Dubai UAE. We have exhaustive variety of Laptops, Toner and Large format products.

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